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"The element ice: extracted from our sickened stomachs. Without it, we would surely burn in our good health and miseries."

Name: Anubis Domicleaz
Level: 21
Zone: 17
Element/Produces: Ice
M!A Status: None!
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rendez-vous de lapin et coq (closed rp)

An ache.

His eye opened with a snap. He didn’t know why his sleep was disrupted until a ricochet of soreness seeped from a mind splitting migraine upon sitting up. A migraine, though common among his elsen, was rare for him. It meant something wasn’t right with the zone, and his body was sure to alert him.

Dragging heavy weight off the slab of ice did little help. His body worked against him, muscles clenching until they screamed, leaving him to stumble to his feet, eyesight flickering. It had been countless years since such a sour feeling dug into the marrow of his bones.

What in the name of the mother was wrong?

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With a sigh, the old guardian stacked his vertebrae as he rolled his body to its full height. His glazed eye shifted aimlessly to the doors of the zone’s main work facility. For a moment, a dizzy stumble drew him to lean heavily against the wall behind him before he collapsed with what appeared to be exhaustion. More than usual, at that. He seemed to be falling asleep more frequently, at odd intervals, arousing concern in his head elsen, who watched him warily.

Perhaps, he should rest. Perhaps.

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