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toii-wanderer asked:

"A-A-A-Anubis!!" Toii jumped up and hugged him, her tail wiggling really really fast "EEEEEE A-Anubis!! Anibus!!!"


The old guardian stumbled back a bit before bracing himself, a surprised noise emitting from his telepathy. Josce, the head elsen, jumped in shock as his master faltered backwards inside the building, and quickly set his papers down in move to assist—but a bit too late, as the doors of the first floor closed. He sighed and reseated himself. The old rabbit seemed fine with their visitor, anyhow.

Anubis’s eyes smiled with much amusement once he calmed down from the shock, and stiffly patted her once or two on the head, trying to get his confused elation across at the abruptness of her act.

"Hello, Toii." There was a laugh somewhere in his voice. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

Oops! Mobile privately answered my asks.

IC: Anubis has multiple personalities that he keeps under wraps; he can freely switch between them save for one.

OC: I’m in high school, lol.

IC: Anubis used to be a big rebel until someone of higher authority “put him in his place”, making him the way he looks and acts now.

OC: Mod’s Zodiac is a full Scorpio, Nov 1.

((OOC:  hhhahahahaha what was that about me being more active i can’t remember
╮(╯▽╰)╭  sorry guys (for those of you who still actively follow me wow okay bless you)
i’m working on spurs of the moment because of school and family so um
i’m gonna try to go with those little bursts of energy
i actually have a lot about Anubis and his lil cronies i just
never write it down and that is where i fall aha
praying this time my art skills improve so i can show ideas maybe possibly yeah that sounds good))

((OOC:  It’s been at least several months since I’ve last checked in here.  I’ve been going through a lot, and school has been pounding me.  However, I eagerly hope to try and be a little more active, at least by a minuscule amount.  Unfortunately, I’ve lost my computer completely, and I’m looking for a new one; the tumblr app is the only place I’m capable of working through.
I’m slow, but I’ll gradually get there.  Thanks for those who’ve stuck around!))

kinia1the1wolf asked:

✿ for Anubis~


18: stomach kiss

"A.Anubis!! h-hey Anubis!I c-came to visit!!" the bunny guardian was visiting her fellow rabbit guardian, waving happily as she was running to greet him. however at a certain point, The bunny woman had forgotten that Anubis’s world had ice, and in turn forgot that said ice was rather slippery.

After running , she soon found herself hitting a slick patch and loosing her footing this resulted in her running into the other rabbit, her lips ending up kissing themselves against his belly as she accidentally tackled him. She Squeaked, laying there a moment, her face getting bright red.

"A-Anubis! I’m s-s-so…so sorry!"

His brows raised with surprise at being knocked down, eyes gazing wide up at the cloudy sky. That didn’t happen often—falling.

But then he looked down at the flustered female guardian, and it clicked that her lips collided with his stomach. Oh. He’d barely felt it beneath the fur. (He hoped none got in her mouth. How awkward.)

He propped himself up, shoulders shaking with a quiet laugh. “It’s fine. Though, I’d expected something a little less abrupt. I usually court for quite a while before we get that enthusiastic.”

toii-wanderer asked:

Toii smiled, running over and putting her arms around Anubis in a hug from behind "Hee H-Hey Anubis!" She squeaked "S-surprise hello"

His body froze for a moment, the stiffness at its peak before he recognized the voice and slowly let out a heavy breath. The smoke from his nose poured out as he did. He was so sluggish lately, all of his senses dulled and inefficient.

"Hello, Toii." There was a tired edge to his words, but fondness as well. "It’s nice to see you again."

toii-wanderer asked:

"A-A-Anubis!" Toii squeaked and bowed" Y-you look very nice today!"

His eyes creased with fondness around the edges. “Thank you, Toii. You look lovelier each time I see you.” He rolled his stiff shoulders, breaking away the rust in his old joints. “How have things been? I know I’ve been a bit of a recluse lately.”

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