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NSFW friendly.)

"The element ice: extracted from our sickened stomachs. Without it, we would surely burn in our good health and miseries."

Name: Anubis Domicleaz
Level: 21
Zone: 17
Element/Produces: Ice
M!A Status: None!
tracked: #AnubisDomicleaz, #anubisdomicleaz, #Zone 17, (& #Kinia1the1Wolf for mod posts.)

I tag most triggers, as well as out of character/mod posts and arwork (#OOC, #ignore me lol, #k1t1w-art)

This is a sideblog. The main is used to make outwards asks.

Anubis & Zone 17 is undergoing reconstruction as of late, but I still welcome interaction.
I'm slow at responding.


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i know there are lonely, sad middle aged men spamming tags but here are some cute bunnies to make you feel better, friends

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